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Pjs Poetry

May 26th, 2017

Pjs Poetry

Pjs Poetry


Here are just a few of my favorite Poems, that I would like to share with you!!

Please Enjoy!!


All poetry and art by PjLockhArt



When I see an image of my self, I like to dream I'm a king of fame and wealth,

But then we all know, that theirs only one king, of Rock N Roll. And man can he ever sing.

But sometimes its good just to pretend, That your idol is like a very good friend.

He has inspired me to be the man I am today. Some time I hope to shake his hand in Heaven as I pass his way.

You all know this person that I mean, every where u look he can be seen,

his music makes us tingle from our heads to our toes and up to our pelvis,

yes you guessed in a heartbeat his name is Elvis.

So now please just remember from now till the end, that its only normal for a true fan to dream and to pretend.

/God Bless Elvis.

Pj LockhArt


The Artist In Me !

All my poetry and my art,

is a gift from God, and created from the heart.

With such a creative Imagination in my mind.

My art is unique, original, and one of a kind.

As an artist, I have so much love and talent to give.

And it will shine through forever, as long as I shall live.

When I'm drawing or painting, I'm in my safe place and feel happy and free.

I thank you Lord for every thing, especially for the artist, the artist in me.

Pj LockhArt


LIFEAMANYIA!! The Game of Life

Life is like a board game. If we play your cards right, we will move on to the next step,

or we may just loose a turn. Life and every thing we do is a big gamble!! Its all based on how we roll the dice,

and how we choose to live our lives!. Because if we make one wrong move or one bad choice, we could be out,

then its game over. But if we deal our cards right, and take life slowly one step at a time, we will then,

eventually move on to the next stage of the game of life.

In the game of life there are no losers, some players just move on sooner then others!!

Pj LockhArt


This Poem Reflection Of Me, was chosen to be pubished in in a hard cover book , winter 2005 and Pj did read this Poem live on CHBC News

In art Theropy class, we were all asked to get a partner, and have them make a Plaster clay mask rite on on own face!! and then we would paint our own masks, then wright a poem about it!! and this poem came to me as the mask was being made on my face!! total darkness for about 20 minutes untill the mask dryed and was takin off!! Fun Fun!!


Reflection of Me!!

Behind this mask is a soul trapped in side, feeling so lonely and confused, with no place to hide.

I get fulfillness, from art, but nothing from this mental illness that tears me apart.

Life is like a chess game, and I am just a pawn, but I have God on my side, so life goes on.

One day in the future I will be set free, and all that will be left, is this reflection of me.

Pj LockhArt


Big Hug from Pj to You

Life is Grand!

As we walk down the Path of life, with the Lords helping Hand. to love us, and guide us all, across this wonderful Land.

Through good times and bad, happy times, and sometimes sad. togeather we must all walk hand in hand, across the land,

and remember Life is a gift, and isn't it Grand.

Pj LockhArt



As I sit here in perfect silence, stareing straight ahead, Pencil in hand and hat on my head.

There's a fulfillnes that takes over all my pain and mental illness, that I suffer each and every day.

when I sketch or paint its a safe place for me to stay, and for that moment all the pain and stress goes away.

As I sit here looking in the mirror, to get that perfect image with out worry and fear, I see happiness and joy.

I have to sit as still as possible its sort of like a trance like being in school as a boy.

But I must tell you the best part, I love to be graced with this talent called art,

thanks to Our Lord, in heaven above. I feel proud to be an artist and at the same time I feel all his love.

Pj LockhArt



A good friend of mine called me the other day, and wow did he ever have something interesting to say.

He said you know its really strange and funny, But if you happen to look at the westside mountain when its sunny,

no matter what the weather, snow or rain. If you just use your imagination you will see the mountain train.

So I went out to see and with out a doubt, I could see exactly what he was talking about.

So if you want to see the mountain train just stare with all your mind. and I honestly swear to God its there to find.

Pj LockhArt

I took a class called Expressive art in 2005 and it was a new door opening for me!! Lots of awesome people!! and a great pot of tea!!



This experience Expressive Art to me, was like a fresh start as I now see. Opening doors and my mind on me.

But now as a person and artist I feel complete and free, to be happy and creative while sipping my tea.

I have learned so many wonderful things about art, but most of all Iv learned that our talents are mostly from the heart.

I am just so happy to have had this great opportunity to take part, in this most wonderful and fulfilling class, Expressive art.

P. LockhArt

This poem was Published in 2004


The Perfect Palette!

The perfect palette to me is a very special piece of art, Its a magical palette that I imagined as an artist right from the start.

It was created with plaster and paint and all the love and kindness from my heart.

There are many colors as the eye can see, each one is like a feeling deep down in side of me,

But please don't be misunderstood, This special palette and my feelings, is every thing good.

There is every color under the rainbow that you can see, that all have meaning and joy for you and me.

There is Red yellow and blue, and many more wonderful colors Id love to share with you.

So when u glance in to this perfect palette you will see, what ever your imagination allows it to be,

but if you look really deep, you will also see, a little piece of the artist, the artist in me.

P. LockhArt



This family tree is like a portrait of me, with strongroots like family and friends as u can see.

They support me and keep me strong, and give me strength here where I belong.

Living free here in the earth since I was just seed at birth.

Now I'm grown and now I see, how important Friends can be.

My branches and spirit reach up so high, stretching so freely into the sky,

with all the style and all the grace, I thank the Lord for this perfect place.

If you can only believe in yourself you will be free.

Just like all the song birds that live in our tree.

Pj LockhArt



True friendship is a bond of love, like all the grace on the wings of a dove,

flying with peace and soaring style.This special friendship is for ever and not just for a while.

True friendship is made in heaven above, with all Gods goodness and tender love,

when you chance to meet this special friend, you can be sure they will be around for ever, right to the end.

Pj LockhArt


Peacefully resting Face of Clay !

Resting so peacefully in this lonely sometimes cruel place all day, that is what I sense in this special innocent little face of clay.

I can almost feel all the hunger and all the pain. I just cant help praying to God over and over again,

I feel so helpless and wish that this face was just like me. living with no poverty, in peace, feeling safe, and being free.

I was told all my life that all things happen for a good reason, just like how the months change from season to season.

But I'm going to make a change so here the bells ring. I'm taking this little face under my wing. I

'm going to nourish it and protect it and keep it strong every day.

I'm just now so thankful to God for bringing me this Peacefully resting Face of clay.



Peace of Mind

When I glance into this plaster face, I see sticks and stones and natures grace, and also I feel the freedom here in this secret place.

It makes me so happy I jump up for joy, feeling at home here since I was just a boy. there's no place in the world Id rather be, then living here in this mask of me.

I'm just so blessed to be happy and free. But lets not forget about the other side of me, There's a fine line down the middle of my face as you can plainly see.

Sometimes when I get confused and in pain I wish for a safer place to be. So I just believe in my self and I'm always sure to find,

this very special place in my head, and peace of mind.

Pj LockhArt


The True Meaning Of CHRISTmas

The true meaning of CHRISTmas is from the Heavens above, watching over us, with all his Grace, and tender Love.

Jingle bells,jingle bells, jingle all the way, hope you have a great season, especially on Christmas day.

Pj LockhArt


Just Like A Clown!

Some times we are just like clowns, yes its true. That clowns are always happy, smiling,

and never blue,

until their make-up comes off, then they're just human, like me and like you.

Sometimes when we are feeling depressed, or sad and down,

we hide it, by painting a big smile on our face, just like a clown.

But please don't get me wrong, cause we know its all true,

that we have good days and bad, just like clowns do.

Let me tell you a all little lie, when I'm feeling sad and depressed,

I never cry I just paint a big bright smile over my frown, then I feel happy

and free just like a clown.

Pj LockhArt



Please Enjoy!!


The Magic Garden!

Its Magic, just like in the mist of April showers. At the end of this rainbow is a Magical garden filled with peace and beautiful flowers.

Each one is special, and has feelings, and a personality of their own. That's because they were planted with sweet tender love, before they were grown.

We thank you Lord for every thing. Mother nature, and birds that sing, especially for all your love, that shines on our beautiful garden from the heavens above.

Pj LockhArt


ME !

When you glance into my soul through my open eyes you will see, the most wonderful loving person, living inside of me.

And yes, this is the way it will always be. But what you will never see, is all the suffering and pain that I hide, in a locked box, deep down inside of me.

But life is too short, and I have so many reasons to go on, I have God on my side, and that will always be. Just like the Christian living inside of me,

that will never ever hide. That's why when I wear this wonderful mask to cover the pain, I wear it with pride.

And I will always feel at peace, happy and free. Because I love being this wonderful person, this person is me.

Pj LockhArt/ 05



As I sit here on my throne with all my gold, my authority, and my diamond ring.

Thinking what good is wealth and luxury, when I feel trapped here in my castle

like a powerless King.

I have freedom and friends,and everything in the world that money can buy.

But then why do I have so much pain, depression, and sometimes wishing to Die.

I try to hold it all inside, to keep me from losing my mind and going insane,

So all I can do for now is to pray to God to guide me and love me and

free me from this royal pain.

Pj LockhArt/05



When I glance into this wonderfull art. It makes me feel good, that I took part.

In creating this masterpeice staight from the heart.

Its the perfect place in the universe to be happy and free.

And its the greatist place on earth for you and for me.

Its just like heaven, its a paradice is what I see.

Pj LockhArt

Love Me Tender!

When we have strong nourished Family roots. that branch us mentally and physically,and most of all spiritually, to our well being, we become as one in the universe in all our worlds.

We can stand tall and be proud of Gods great creation, and once we have this we will realize that its like Christmas every month and day we live,

the love is deep and our strength is mighty, but tender and true.And we then can feel the protection feeling free in our safe place in our minds and our hearts.

Pj LockhArt


Grandmas Little Angel

I thank you Lord for every thing. Trees that grow and birds that sing. Thanks for all lifes good memories that shall never be gone.

But most of all I thank Lord for My little angel, Leandra Dawn.

She is so special to me, happy and free, She has a heart of gold thats so easy to find.

She's my perfect little angel that I love, and is one of a kind.

Pj LockhArt



POETRY ? is from the heart!

Poetry to me is like a little story , that's full of rhyme and sometimes glory. Some are Written to be true, some don't make much sense, and some are blue.

Some are funny and some are sad .some are silly and some are bad. But as poets we are all just doing our part. by sharing our love through poetry, straight from the heart.

Pj LockhArt



Lovely Little Angel

Lovely little Angel with wings of velvet and gold. Just waiting so patiently for someone special to hold.

So just open your loving arms wide for a hug, and you will see, just how happy you and your lovely little angel will forever be.

Pj LockhArt


God is the Light!!

God is the light that shines so bright, for everyone to see. He is the power that gives us strength, and will forever be.

So just believe with all your might, and you will surely find. That He is the light that shines so bright, forever, for all mankind.

He is the power and the strength, and He will always be near. If you believe in Him, and yourself, heavens bells you will hear.

Pj and Carl LockhArt


Snow Angel

Winter is my very favorite time of the year. Just waiting so patiently for the snow to appear.

I just close my eyes, as I lay my back to the ground. Hearing the magic of the crisp snow is a beautiful sound.

I move my arms back and forth to make her Crystal clear wings. Now I stand up and look down, and its like magic, heaven sings.

There is this warm feeling in my heart, that's all that can be felt. I will love my snow angel forever, even after the snow has melt.



Angels in the sky!

Angels Angels Up in the heavenly blue sky. Floating so beautifully and freely, up so high.

With glittering huge wings, of silk and gold. I'm so blessed to have you, to hug and to hold.

Angels Angels up in the heavens, and on earth. Thank you for being here for me, since my birth.


This Amazing Dog Named Grace is very old and ill, and this is why I was asked to do this special portrait of 2 best Friends. God Bless Grace.!!



When you glance into this very special dogs face. You can feel all the love, kindness and joyful Grace.

She is honestly, and truly mans best friend. since she was just a puppy, and she will be loyal right to the end,

And you can be sure that God in heaven will have a special place, for this very special dog and our forever best friend, Amazing Grace.

Pj LockhArt


Miniature Angels!

Beautiful little humming birds, floating around so high. Then dropping towards the earth, so freely from the sky.

Humming around so amazingly fast, if you happen to blink, they will fly right on past.

Little colorful birds buzzing around, flying so freely, with out much of a sound.

Just as peaceful as hearing heavens bells ring.

If you happen to be lucky, you will hear the miniature angels sing.

Pj LockhArt




Whispering cries!

My soul is broken, knife in my heart Im lonely, but not the only saddened body, Im true and not phony.

Darkness falls over my insides and brings on fear; the only peace I have is knowing our God is very near.

I walk the land with God's hand on my shoulder. I have faith He will always be here, as I hopefully grow older.

War in the wind rips me apart. I pray for world peace through God, with all my broken heart.

My whispering cries go unheard. Im confused, lied to, nothing makes much sense, not one word.

Thank you Jesus for keeping us strong, and for holding us so tight in your arms, where we belong.

Pj LockhArt July 25th/2006



What a beautiful flower, thats only given just one chance. To rise from the warm earth, to do the sunshine dance.

Its beautiful colors shine so bright for every one to see. It s main purpose is to look so beautiful, for you and for me.

The beautiful flower makes us so happy, and brings on a big smile.

So take time to smell its beautiful fragrance, because like us, its only here for a short while.

Pj LockhArt July/27/2006



Thanks for all your caring, sharing, kindness, and true tender love. You have always been a reliable true friend, sent from the heavens above.

You have always been there for me like family, and a real best friend. I have so much faith and love for you Jesus, and lots more prayers to send.

Pj LockhArt July 30/06


Hi !!

Please dont get me wrong, Im not always sad. Some times Im in bad mood , but Im not really mad.

We all have problems and pain, that sometimes only lasts a short while.

And with all that is going on around us its best to stay sane, and put on a big smile. (*_*)

Yes and sometimes when it gets really bad, its ok to cry.

So you have a grand day, good luck,O and I just wanted to say Hi.

Please take care,

Pj LockhArt 2006


Broken Heart, Mending!

Fragile and tender, torn. Useless unloved, hateful, and uncaring, selfish but loyal and kind broken heart. Sadness, and pain, confusion, stressful anger from this mental illness that rips and grinds at my loving soul and tears me apart.

But still a fighter, and stubborn, always having faith and hope, will power, and mega strength from all the graceful love, that God is always sending.

I feel things are slowly getting better, and my body will soon heal, and my soul will be like new, because I know that inside, my tender heart is mending.

Pj LockhArt/ 2006


God Knows who you are !!

Your as beautiful as the almost perfect rose, your fragrance is to dye for, your stem is down to earth, your roots are healthy and amazingly strong,

You shine in the sunlight, you glow in the moonlight, and your still happy when it rains, your the most awesome flower my friend, and here is where you belong.

In our friendship garden, to stay forever. Your leaves glisten with the tender mountain dew, Your one of Gods greatest creations with out any doubt.

Your an angel by far, your also real and true, God knows who you are, best friends are for ever. thats what true friendship is all about.

Pj LockhArt/ 08/06


That's Life!!

Have you ever felt lonely, hated, loved ,mistreated. Did you ever know someone that was truly honest, have you ever felt defeated.

Have you ever felt misunderstood, or Happy or sad. Did you ever know some one that was really friendly, or just down right mad.

Have you ever felt like laughing, or being angry, or crying. Did you ever know someone that was really mean, Have you ever felt like quitting, or even dieing.

Have you ever been mad at your husband, kids or wife, did you ever consider that we were only being human, Its all true my friend, because thats life.

Pj LockhArt/2006


'Till I see the light!!

Sadness, pain, and danger, that is my middle name, Im no stranger, and this is no game.

My soul is saved as far as I know, Im sure heaven is where I will hopefully,and finally go.

For I know in my heart that God truly loves me so.

Only time can tell, when its time to dye. My tears are plenty but my face is dry,

my lonely heart is broken, my spirit is strong but week. Its closure and peace that I so desperately seek.

I have a kind loving heart of the brightest gold. But who am I, and will I ever amazingly live to grow old,

Im imprisoned in my own body of suffering and tremendous pain. Will I ever recover, or just go more and more in sane,

Is it true life is what we make it. Well then I guess its fine if I just breakdown and take it,

my tired feet and hands are tied, and yes its true. God has always been close to my side,

but please dont think Iv never ever broke down and tried. Endless whisper of my human breath,

through sickness and health till my lonely death,

please hold me so tight, Squeeze my hands with all your might,

and please, pretty please, dont let go, till I see the light.

Pj LockhArt/ 06


The Okanagan Fire in 2003


Across the valley, the valley of love. We pray to God in Heaven above, to restore all the beauty and the love.

And all the heartbreak that was taken away from the fire that passed our way, Across the valley, cross the valley of love.

Over the fields and just above was another valley, valley of love. Its not to far away, its the KVR and its here to stay.

Trestles can be restored with just a little love board by board. As was proven we are all strong, we all came together as a group for so long.

Across the valley, cross the valley of love. The people were great, there were some fears and many many tears, but most of all, there were cheers for the firefighters and all the volunteers.

Thank you Lord for all the grace, that you have given this special place.

The valley the valley of love.

Pj Lockhart



Jacob the Train
All aboard!! for a Journey of a Lifetime.

We will create so many new memories, and have so much Fun watching this
Lovely story of life unfold!!
Jacob will always keep you all safe on his train as he clicks along the tracks with his pure heart of gold.
So welcome aboard all loving Family and all his Friends, this will be an Awesome journey that never ends!!
We will share many Laughs and may shed some tears,
as we all travel to geather for ever, over the years.
We will venture up so high through the rain and snow, then we will glide down the tracks slowly to the meadows and valleys below.
And we will all become closer as we travel the light of the night and the bright of the day!! As Jacob the train carefully guids the way.
Just look at his big bright smile, and you will see that Jacob is never hard to find,
You will all love this amazing little boy, Because he is truly one of a kind.
And as we all know Jacob the train is souly fueled by love!! and was sent to us as a special gift from the heavens above.
Thank you Lord for this amazing gift and bundle of joy with such a special name,
Thank you so very much for this amazeing child, Jacob the train.
Toot Toot
Art and poetery by Pj LockhArt


May 26th, 2017


Pj LockhArt

ART from The HEART


With such a creative Imagination in my mind.
My art is unique, original, and one of a kind.

As an artist, I have so much love and talent to give.
And it will shine through forever, as long as I shall live.

When I'm drawing or painting, I'm in my safe place and feel happy and free.
I thank you Lord for every thing, especially for the artist, the artist in me.

Poem by Pj LockhArt 2003

Pj's Bio

Nice to Meet You!!

I was born in Quesnel BC in 1958. When I was 10 years old we moved to Vancouver. Then in 1973 we moved to the Okanagan Valley, I remember being a young boy growing up quite well. It was like yesterday. I remember back as far as grade one. I remember I was always creative no matter what I was doing, from playing in the sand box to coloring in school. When I built a go cart or a tree fort, it always had to be different from all others.

I was never trying to be better than anyone else. I was just trying to be more creative and make things look different. I always doodled as a boy. Being creative has always been a happy and safe place for me to go. I just loved school because I always had a reason to draw on the desks and all over my books. Book reports were fun because I got to draw pictures and get marks for them.

My life growing up as a boy was perfect and I would not trade it for anything. I thank God and my Parents for my life and talents. A few years ago my whole life changed due to illness, and anxiety and depression and more. It was tough and still is, but even with my vision impairment I still go to my safe happy place to be creative, either by creating art or poetry.

I can remember I have always loved to be creative and artistic. I knew by age 8 that it was a special gift that I was given, so I made the best of it through out my life. My favorite subject in school was always art. My teachers always told me I was a natural artist.

Ever since I was a boy, Art was always my safe place to go and be happy free with no rules and no stress. Art for me is the best therapy for what ails me. Art is my medication that helps me make it through the day, the months, and the years. Without art I'd be lost. Even in school I'd draw and doodle all over my desk, my books and the blackboards because it made me happy.

A few Times I was even sent to the principles office because of it. But I'd doodle there to. I loved getting home work because it was an excuse to draw maps and fun things for school projects. I never minded home work as long as I got to draw something.

In 2001 I started loosing my vision and had to give up my job at the Museum after 15 years of working there and the hardest part was turning in my drivers license for good. It was tough to take after driving for 30 years. Each year that went by I got used to the idea of not driving, but at the same time I was never bored because I had my art to save me. and keep my mind busy now more then ever.

I have a great attitude and a good outlook on life. When my eyes got really bad about 4 years ago I fell in love with abstract art. And I love it because abstract has no upside rite or up side down, no matter what way you look at it. It looks great. And there is no fine detail to strain my eyes.

I am registered with the CNIB as a Legally blind person! Im totally blind in my right eye and just 20 percent of very blurry vision left in my other eye. But I dont let little things like that stand in my way. I wake up every day with a big smile, and march forward into a bright and new creative day.

I have been painting and drawing now for many years. I Never had any art training. It's just a natural talent God has lent me. Over the last 6 years my art has been in many art shows , and I'm so proud of that because I love to share my talents with everyone to enjoy. That is what art is all about. what good is art if people can't see it. Art is an expression of the artist., and the art speaks for its self.

The best thing I have ever done in my life, was to take Art Therapy for a few years!! because that was a fresh new door that had opened for me, that allowed me to release my inner talents that I never even knew I had!! The class was amazing!! and totally helped me become the Known artist and Published poet that I am today!! It was this class that I wrote my very first Poem, and created my very first clay sculpture,

and this is the class that opened my creative mind up to abstract Art!! But most importantly it helped be to find and know who I am and what I am all about as a person!! and had helped me shine to my fullest potential as the man and as the gifted artist that I am!! Thanks so much to the amazing Teacher and Friend Cori

Art is my safe place to be happy and free with zero stress.. I use all mediums and styles in my art. I like to explore all my artistic talents using my creative gift. that God has given me. We were all created to be creative. in different ways. So Im happy to share my talents with you all. As long as I have a paint brush in my hand, I'm Happy.

God Bless You.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Bio. Have a nice day. From Pj

Painters Dream!! with an added reflection!! for Fun


Thanks so much every one for all your Wonderfull Comments!!

I chose this style of abstract because its easy!! and with my vission imparement its the best style for me!! I call my new style Art from the Heart, its so much Fun!! all I use is paint and hair jell!! I paint on canvas or papper!! what ever I have around!!

I dream the ideas and the styles!! and some images befor I sit down to paint!! sometimes the paint takes its own direction and suprizes me!! Im all self tought!! I paint souly for the peace!! but mostly for the love of Art from the Heart!!


At one time in my life I could not stand abstract art!! I found that style to be cool but so weird!! Till one day I droped a bunch of cans of paint at work all over the floor!! 4 or 5 different colors!! I looked at the mess I made for hours!! I never wanted to clean it!! I could see so much in this puddle of paint!!

I new then that it was sorta like abstract art!! I fell in love!! I was hooked!! now I make my creative mess's on canvas or what ever I have handy!! each painting tells a story!! I love all abstract art from all artists!! I could stare at it all day!! Abstract art takes my mind on a Creative journey!! Its such an amazeing Feeling!!



Nice to meet you!!
Huggggs/ Pj

Just Imagine Art Show

December 30th, 2012

Just Imagine Art Show

this will be my 11th art show but this time, for the first timeThe art show is in a Art Gallery, so exciting, and its up for over 2 months January 12th to March 17th 2013, be sure to come check it out, Have a great day!!

Pj Artman Studio SlideShow

December 30th, 2012

Pj Artman Studio SlideShow

Art Prints